Examples of Our Work

SB Develops - Valet App

Valet Mobile Application

This app allows users top check-in to a valet and provide all necessary info with their phones. Users can pay their bill, leaving a review, and submit a tip. They can also alert their valet when they are ready to leave.

iOS & Android

SB Develops - Tenant App

Rent Collection Mobile Application

UnitVPM is a property management mobile application that allows commercial property tenants to access and use functions that are needed for tenants such as paying rent, submitting maintenance, receiving...

iOS & Android

SB Develops - Property Management Dashboard

Management Cloud Dashboard

Unit VPM (Virtual Property Management) is a software and service company that makes owning, managing, and maintaining commercial rental properties effortless. We give you the ability to easily manage and...


SB Develops - E-commerce App

E-Commerce Mobile Application

Gem is a user-friendly mobile application that is available both in iOS and Android. Gem allows users to explore new items that are being sold near them while giving the option to post their own used items to be explored...

iOS & Android

Minimal Clay UI Mockup with Gradient Background for Phone App with Download Button (1).png


This is a cryptocurrency web application that provides useful information to buyers such as a roadmap, mission, team, and many more. It also is a marketplace where coin investors can apply to invest in an open project.


SB Develops - Business Website

Business Landing Website

The purpose of this website is to inform the reader of the services the company is offering. This is very useful for startups to have so they can close leads and generate new leads.


SB Develops - Stroller Rental App

Stroller Rental System & App

Cuddle Lock provides a cloud based platform where customers are able to rent a stroller through their mobile device.

The mobile application is easy to use. All you need to do is use your phone to scan the...

iOS & Android

SB Develops - Cuddle Cart Website

Cuddle Cart Website

This is website for generating and capturing leads. Cuddle Cart uses this website to capture the attention and interest of potential clients and with the one click contact form they can easily capture and work to close...


SB Develops - Events Organization App

Unite Hangouts Mobile App

Unite is a user-friendly mobile application that allows users to create events and find people near by that have common interests as them. Unite Uses the location of the user to find events neat by and alerts the user when...

iOS & Android