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At SB Develops, transparency with our clients is our core value. We recognize that as a business owner, you seek clarity on the investment required to achieve your desired outcomes. Distinguishing us from other development firms, we uphold a commitment to open and honest pricing practices.

Design & Prototype: $20k - $30k

Within the business landscape, design and prototyping are strategic bedrocks that shape success. By sculpting design and crafting interactive prototypes, we turn ideas into user experiences. This fosters communication, aids in pre-empting challenges, and polishes offerings pre-market entry. Leveraging design and prototyping, we build an innovative foundation, iterate smartly, and establish differentiation for long-term viability.

Research and Discovery:

We begin by understanding the project's goals, target audience, and market context. Research competitors, industry trends, and user preferences to gather insights that will inform our design decisions.

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