SB Develops - Mobile app development

Mobile Development

If mobile solutions have important implications for your business and customer engagement, do not compromise with the quality of your technical partner. We at SB Develops do not just create great apps: we also design first-class mobile solutions. In order to ensure the quality of work and services performed we are primarily focusing on:

SB Develops - App UI/UX

UX Design

SB Develop’s team of UX designers creates designs that get results. We believe that mobile app design and user experience is crucial for the success of your project. We can help to build the right user flow; creating powerful new revenue opportunities and providing a competitive advantage.

Native iOS and Android

Native platforms are becoming increasingly acceptable, not just in terms of mobile UI, but also in terms of integration with company products. Other intangible benefits include, but are not limited to, fast code, the rapid and easy integration of new features and much more.



SB Develops -  iOS App Development

SB Develops designs and develops mobile apps for iPhone and iPad highlighting the role of UX, efficiency, and productivity of the code. We help companies run apps faster than ever while providing great mobile app design as well as the usage of cutting-edge technologies of iOS SDK.

Choosing the right company to develop an IOS application is one of the many decisions your company will have on its agenda but has the most long-term implications. It is essential to hire a mobile developer or even several of them with unique experience and skills, which they will successfully apply in application development.

Our approach to the process of IOS app development results in breathtaking solutions enjoyed by millions of users worldwide. Proof of that: our iOS and Android Bible app with 258 million (and counting) install.

Why you should develop applications for iOS?

  • IOS is the second most popular mobile OS with a market share of 13.9% (according to IDC in 2019).

  • 2.2 billion iPhones have been sold since production began and till 2018

  • The App Store in 175 countries and regions, is the world’s safest and most vibrant app marketplace

  • Over half a billion people visiting App Store each week


SB Develops - Adnroid App Development

We design mobile apps for Android devices to work for your business, by increasing the number of users to more than 1.4 billion Android consumers across the globe (source google, a16z).

While the iOS platform is issued only on Apple smartphones and tablets, the mobile operating system Android is primarily used by other handset companies/manufacturers. That is why the process of developing Android applications is very strict and requires a strong professional approach to app testing. Thanks to our professional team of QA you can be completely confident that your application will work correctly on all the devices.

Android App Development Skills/Scope

  • We know Android SDK/NDK like the back of our hands and we have created a considerable number of mobile apps based on these tools. You can find out more about them at our mobile app portfolio.

  • We are able to create Android apps with the integration of payment systems and social networks.

  • We are a full-cycle app development company that can develop apps, integrating web and mobile app and API interface.