Cuddle Cart's website is a mobile friendly lean website for generating and capturing leads. The website consists of detailed information about what the company offers and different features and products the sell. With the contact form the goal is to absorb the interest of the potential buyer and have them fill out the contact form which will be directly sent to the associated email.

Project Description

Our role was to create a webasite that absorbs and maintains the attention of its visitors while being simple and professional. The main purpose of this website is to generate leads and provide useful information about the company and its products.

Our Role

Tools Used











Minimal Clay UI Mockup with Gradient Background for Phone App with Download Button (20).pn

Project Timeline

Idea Formulation and Research

Discussing with our client the details of the project such as the key features and their desired theme. Also doing market research for the right color scheme and app layout.

Specifications and Design

Identifying the duties and key features of the app and discuss the needs of their niche. According to the requirements of the client and our research we design the wireframes and mockups using tools such as Photoshop and Adobe XD. 

App Architecture and Development

Start development of the frontend and the backend of the application. During the process we constantly communicate with our client and update them timeline and current tasks. Also keeping a weekly meeting schedule to provide updates. 

Testing and Finalizing

Testing the application to ensure there are no bugs or glitches with the code and making sure the application is to the standards and likings of the client. Once the project is approved by the client we finalize and prepare for launch.


Publishing the application in its requested platforms such as iOS, Android, web, desktop, watchOS, iPadOS, Windows, and many more.